G L O B A L   I N I T I A T I V E

Access to Care

The Center seeks to foster and conduct collaborative and transdisciplinary research with global partners through the lens of implementation science, leveraging theories and methods from diverse disciplines to influence migrant health programs and policy.  Sponsored research includes both domestic and international topics through strategic partnering in NYC, NYS and in major immigrant and refugee population centers in the US and abroad. 


The Health Equity and Access to Care Project

The HEAC Project is an exciting collaboration with the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene which seeks to better understand New Yorkers’ experiences accessing healthcare in hospitals in New York City (NYC). The goal is to share the results with the health department to inform NYC healthcare recommendations to better serve all New Yorkers.

Gender, Refugee Status, and Healthcare in Lebanon

Our newest project, a case study on the intersectionality of gender and refugee status and its effects on healthcare access in Lebanon, is still in development in partnership with the Institute for Migration Studies at the Lebanese American University (LAU). Preliminary findings are now available.

Migrant Serving Organizations in NYC & State

In January 2021, CIRGH launched a cross-sectional survey of migrant-serving organizations in NYC to collect important information on their early experiences with COVID-19, focusing on the five areas of funding, staff capacity, technological capacity of communities served, resources in communities served, and difficulty working remotely.