International Collaboration on Migration and Health

Advancing urban migrant health through global partnerships, research, and dialogue is a goal of the CUNY Center for Immigrant, Refugee, and Global Health (CIRGH). The Center facilitates multi-stakeholder dialogue on immigrant, refugee, and global health issues, co-hosting forums with partners both in NYC and around the world, inviting speakers to share experience and insights. Efforts on international collaboration on migration and health include the following initiatives:

Big Cities Network

Advancing urban migrant health through interdisciplinary global partnerships and research is one main goal of CIRGH. To this end, the Big Cities Network is a growing network of urban-focused centers from big cities around the world that aims to promote global partnerships, share research, and develop new synergies to promote the health of migrants in big city urban settings using best policies and practices.


The Big Cities Network is possible through CIRGH’s position within the Global Society on Migration, Ethnicity, Race and Health (see below). As part of the Big Cities Network, CIRGH is developing a discussion panel webinar around the research question how different large urban cities responded to the COVID-19 pandemic and what lessons can be learned for both epidemic outbreak in urban centers and for future pandemics. In addition, CIRGH is currently preparing a systematic review on the protective and harmful factors of big cities on migrants during the Covid-19 pandemic. Read the preliminary results >

The Global Society on Migration, Ethnicity, Race, and Health

The Global Society on Migration, Ethnicity, Race and Health (GSMERH) partners with researchers and centers from a variety of disciplines, compiling evidence of inequity, disseminating information, and advocating for change. Founded in 2020, this society integrates global partnerships and advances in academic, professional, and community work related to the promotion of equity and diversity. By partnering with researchers and centers from a variety of disciplines, compiling evidence of migrant’s inequity, disseminating information, and advocating for change, GSMERH’s main goal is to promote policies and practices that prevent, protect, and improve the health of migrants and minimize difference between ethnic/racial groups.

As part of the GSMERH, CIRGH serves on the International Council, advising the Board on its strategy and programming, sharing information and ideas, promoting the Society’s activities and expanding its networks and communication channels. CIRGH is also involved in actively connecting young and early-career researchers from the society to facilitate a “young researcher’s”-track at the society’s upcoming conferences. In partnership with GSMERH, CIRGH organizes webinars on recent global developments with a focus on large urban areas. Join us on 9-12 November 2022 in Berlin, Germany for the GSMERH’s 15th European Public Health Conference.

Global Multi-City Study on Migrant Health

CIRGH aims to design and implement a multi-city study exploring intersectional aspects of migrants’ health. The aim of this study is to collaborate with researchers from other urban areas from different geographical regions to explore the same research question in the respective cities. All participating researchers would apply the same methodologies (preferably mixed-methods) in their respective communities. By collecting data with identical approaches and methodologies across different cities, we envision to gain a more in-depth understanding into urban migrants’ experience and health across a variety of regions. Furthermore, we hope to understand more distinctions between different urban centers and how these can be used to mitigate the health of migrants in other urban areas.

To bring this research to life, we are currently seeking researchers from other cities for collaboration. If you are interested, please contact us via email at