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Stakeholder Views on Improving National Health Management Information Systems

Reliable, quality health information is the foundation of measurement and decision making in the health sector that can help improve the quality and coverage of health services, aid in policy development, support program implementation, and increase the likelihood that a well-trained health work force.

It is of increasing importance to understand stakeholder engagement in global norm setting processes, particularly influential HMIS stakeholders whose views have not been well documented. The strategy for this research involved participant observation of global consultative processes at the World Health Organization (WHO) regarding member states’ development and use of health data, document review from members states participation in a series of consultative meetings and a stakeholder survey administer to in-country health management information system (HMIS) specialists, primarily from Ministries of Health, from Botswana, Eswatini, Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zimbabwe.

Based on the research findings, the following recommendations were presented:
    • Involve stakeholders regularly and systematically so that development efforts reflect in country user and decision maker perspectives. 
    • Address infrastructure investments needs with multisectoral engagement. 
    • Digitization strategies must recognize non digital environments or we risk leaving people behind 
    • Discourage duplicative parallel systems, instead focus on data governance and coordination to better align national and global priorities. 
    • Promote broader data use through targeted capacity development that addresses end user data needs. 

Improving National Health Management Information Systems

Stakeholder Views in Selected Sub-Saharan African Countries

Recommended Citation

Donaldson, Marie, “Improving National Health Management Information Systems: Stakeholder Views in Selected Sub-Saharan African Countries” (2021). CUNY Academic Works. https://academicworks.cuny.edu/sph_etds/74