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Data Systems Strengthening

Data systems are a dynamic ecosystem formed by multiple areas which continuously interact with each other to generate, transmit and transform data into information to guide strategic and tactical decisions.

A core aspect of our work centers on strengthening national data systems using a multi-sectoral approach to maintain infrastructure, health workers and a reliable supply of medicines and technologies, supported by adequate funding, strong health plans and evidence-based policies. Data systems strengthening has become a top priority for global health agendas as a mechanism to improve global, regional and national health outcomes.


Health Data Collaborative

The Health Data Collaborative (HDC) was launched in March 2016 to provide a collaborative platform that leverages and aligns technical and financial resources to country-specific strategies and guidelines for collecting, storing, analyzing and using data to improve health outcomes.

Strengthening surveillance of pregnancy outcomes

Understanding the distribution, strengths and limitations of available approaches used for health data collection is vital to ensure the appropriate surveillance strategy is utilized. The aim of this project is to provide technical support to the World Health Organization by developing guidance for low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) on safety surveillance in pregnancy.

Stakeholder Views on Improving National Health Management Information Systems

The strategy for this research involved participant observation of global consultative processes at the World Health Organization (WHO) regarding member states’ development and use of health data, document review from members states participation in a series of consultative meetings, and a stakeholder survey administer to in-country health management information system (HMIS) specialists.