R E S O U R C E   H U B

The Resource Repository

The resource repository houses community health promotional materials, programming toolkits, a policy directory and with legal briefs, workshops and trainings, and open-source publications. This library was designed with the goal of increasing the quantity, quality, and accessibility of data and resources through a centralized repository. 

The Resource Repository is designed to increase the quantity, quality, and accessibility of data and resources for stakeholders using a centralized repository to enhance collaboration among providers, advocates, researchers, and policymakers. As an academic research center, CIRGH frequently reviews and collects open-source publications, relevant policies with supplementary briefs, community and programming toolkits, translated community health materials, and professional development workshops. In an effort to advance data equity and sharing, we have made these resources publically available via the links below.

Open-Source Publication Library

The open-source publication library includes peer-reviewed literature, government reports, and organizational reports related to migrant health.

NYC & State
Policy Repository

The policy repository provides an overview of immigrant-related policies enacted in New York City and State. Policies are accompanied by policy briefs where possible.

Translated Community Health Tools & Resources

Organizations across New York develop translated health materials to inform our immigrant communities about various health topics and their rights within our state. Explore our repository of collected informational flyers, toolkits, etc.

Workshops &

Interested in further strengthening your capacity as a migrant service provider? Visit the organizational workshops and trainings page to view a collection of recorded workshops that will help you further hone your skill as a provider.