Center for Immigrant, Refugee and Global Health at CUNY

N E W   Y O R K   C I T Y   &   S T A T E  

Migrant Health Resource Hub

This project is designed to support the work of migrant-serving organizations in New York City and State by coordinating solutions to challenges they commonly face. The decision to broaden the focus of the hub to the state level is rooted in the understanding that NYC is often just an entry point for migrants, with well over one million immigrants and refugees settled throughout NYS. Additionally, many of the policies affecting the health of migrants in NYC are designed and implemented at the state-level. 


Migrant Resource Provider Map

The migrant resource provider map includes over 700 organizations working in almost 2000 locations across New York City and State. It is searchable by type of service sought, staff languages, cost, and other key search terms.

Continuing Education Curriculum for Migrant-Serving Organizations

Join us to continue your professional education with CE-accredited continued learning opportunities and certificate courses for MSO staff. Course offerings include live virtual courses, as well as a collection of pre-recorded workshops and trainings relevant to working with immigrant populations.

The Resource Repository

This resource repository houses community health promotional materials, funding opportunities, open-source publications, programming toolkits, a policy directory and with legal briefs, and workshops and trainings.

Community Best Practice Forum

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