Migrant Health Resource Library

AuthorTitleJournal/OrganizationYearType of ResourceTopic Area(s)Population Focus
Statz M, Heidbrink LUnintended Trauma: The Role of Public Health Policy in the Detention of Migrant Children The Lancet Regional Health2021Article (Post)Public health policy, detainees, children, national policyDetained migrant children
Parra DWhat You Need To Know: How Can Undocumented Immigrants Receive HIV/AIDS Treatment In NY?City Limits2021Article (Post)HIV/AIDS TreatmentUndocumented immigrants
Kiefer KThe Health Insurance Gap in New York City: Promoting Citizenship for a Healthier TomorrowCenter for Migration Studies 2021Article (Post)Health insurance, citizenship/naturalizationDocumented/Undocumented immigrants
Rahman NU.S. Health Care: Undocumented Immigrants Shut Out CUNY School of Labor and Urban Studies2021Article (Post)Health Care SystemUndocumented immigrants
Kallick DDNew York included undocumented immigrants in pandemic aid, and 290,000 workers will benefitEconomic Policy Institute2021Article (Post)COVID-19, state and federal aidUndocumented immigrants
Center for Migration Studies Data Tool | Mapping Key Determinants of Immigrants’ Health in New York CityCenter for Migration Studies 2021Data Mapping ToolSocial Determinants of HealthImmigrants (NYC)
Center for Migration Studies State-Level Unauthorized Population and Eligible-to-Naturalize EstimatesCenter for Migration Studies 2021Data Mapping ToolHealth insurance, citizenship/naturalizationUndocumented immigrants
Protecting Immigrant Families You Have Rights: Protect Your HealthProtecting Immigrant Families 2021Fact SheetRights, Immigration Status Documented/Undocumented immigrants
NYC Health + Hospitals Seek Care Without Fear – Know the FactsNYC Health and Hospitals 2021Fact Sheet, GuideMisinformation, Awareness Campaign, RightsUndocumented Immigrants
Bronx Legal Services Health Care for Transgender New Yorkers: Will Medicaid Pay for Gender‐Affirming Procedures?Bronx Legal Services 2021Fact Sheet, GuideMedicaid, Transgender, Gender-Affirming ProceduresDocumented/Undocumented immigrants (Transgender)
Virgin V and Warren RMapping Key Determinants of Immigrants’ Health in Brooklyn and QueensCenter for Migration Studies 2021ReportSocial Determinants of Health, Brooklyn, QueensImmigrants in Brooklyn and Queens
Aragones A, Zamore C, Moya EM, Cordero JI, Gany F, and Bruno DMThe Impact of Restrictive Policies on Mexican Immigrant Parents and Their Children’s Access to Health CareLibert Publishers, Health Equity 2021Research ArticleChildren’s health, policies, access to healthcareMexican immigrant parents/families
Morales JF and Forago F“Of Course We Need to Help the Undocumented Immigrants!”: Twitter Discourse on the (Un)deservingness of Undocumented Immigrants in the United States during the COVID-19 PandemicSociological Perspectives2021Research Article COVID-19, social media, anti-immigrant sentimentsUndocumented immigrants
Haley SJExpanding Access to Medical Care Services to Undocumented New York City Residents Without Health Insurance: Reflections on the ActionHealthNYC StudyAmerican Journal of Public Health2021Research Article Health Insurance, health coverage expansionUndocumented immigrants
Ades A and Kizuka KProtection Postponed: Asylum Office Backlogs Cause Suffering, Separate Families, and Undermine IntegrationHuman Rights First2021Research Article COVID-19, healthcareAsylum seekers, national policies
Maru S, Belfon K, Brahmbhatt D, Glenn L, Birnie L, Hadler M, Janevic T, and Reynolds SUtilization of Maternal Health Care Among Immigrant Mothers in New York City, 2016–2018Journal of Urban Health 2021Research Article Maternal Healthcare ConsumptionImmigrant population, Mothers
Kumar BN, Hargreaves S, Agyemang C, James RA, Blanchet K, Gruer LReducing the impact of the coronavirus on disadvantaged migrants and ethnic minoritiesEuropean Journal of Public Health2021Research Article Impact of COVID-19Documented/Undocumented immigrants
Nace A, Maternowska C, Fernandez B, and Cravero KThe Violence Against Children Surveys (VACS): Using VACS data to drive programmes and policiesGlobal Public Health 2021Research Article Policy, Data Analysis, VACS, ChildrenChildren (immigrant)
Agyemang C, Richters A, Zalpuri S, Yu E, Pijls B, Zeegers MP, Jolani S, Hendriks S, Prins M, Stronks KEthnic minority status as social determinant for COVID-19 infection, hospitalisation, severity, ICU admission and deaths in the early phase of the pandemic: a meta-analysisBMJ Global Health2021Research Article Social determinants of health, COVID-19Documented/Undocumented immigrants
García SJ, Trummel T, Cornejo M, Maldonado K, Ojedo A, Flores H, and Link BGImmigrant Health Inequities: Exposing Diversions and White SupremacySocial Sciences – MDPI2021Research Article Health inequities, social justiceDocumented/Undocumented immigrants
Jang SH, Meischke H, and Ko LKThe impact of medical tourism on cervical cancer screening among immigrant women in the U.S.BMC Women’s Health 2021Research Article (Systematic Review)Medical tourism, cervical cancer screeningDocumented/Undocumented immigrants
NYC Human Resources Administration (Dept. of Social Services)Guide to Health Insurance and Health Care Services for Immigrants in NYCNYC Human Resources Administration2021Resource Guide Immigrant Health, Health InsuranceImmigrants (NYC)
1199 SEIU BenefitsAn Immigrant’s Guide to Accessing Healthcare in NYC1199 SEIU Benefits2021Resource Guide Healthcare, Health InsuranceDocumented/Undocumented immigrants
New York Immigration Coalition (NYIC)COVID-19 ResourcesNew York Immigration Coalition (NYIC)2021Resource Guide COVID-19 Comprehensive ResourcesImmigrants
New York State Department of HealthRefugee Medical Assistance (RMA) Health Assessment ProgramNew York State Department of Health2021Resource Guide Refugee Medical Assistance, health assessmentsRefugee populations
Dickerson CUndocumented and Pregnant: Why Women Are Afraid to Get Prenatal CareNew York Times2020Article (Newspaper)Preganancy, maternal and child health Undocumented immigrants
Khan AOpinion: The Crisis in Immigrant Health is Far from OverCity Limits2020Article (Opinion)Immigrant Health Documented/Undocumented immigrants
Martínez FGroup Urges Allowing Unlicensed Immigrants with Healthcare Experience to Work in HospitalsCity Limits2020Article (Post)Workers in Hospitals, Licensing Documented/Undocumented immigrants
Duncan WL and Horton SBSerious Challenges And Potential Solutions For Immigrant Health During COVID-19Health Affairs Forefront 2020Article (Post)COVID-19, Medicaid Documented/Undocumented immigrants
Amandolare S, Gallagher L, Bowles J, and Dvorkin EUnder Threat & Left Out: NYC’s Immigrants and the Coronavirus CrisisCenter for an Urban Future2020ReportCOVID-19Documented/Undocumented immigrants
Hampton K and Lopez LProtecting Patients from Immigration and Customs Enforcement During COVID-19NYS Health Foundation 2020ReportCOVID-19, immigration enforcementUndocumented immigrants, asylum seekers
Svajlenka NPProtecting Undocumented Workers on the Pandemic’s Front LinesAmerican Progress 2020ReportCOVID-19, healthcare workers, frontline workersUndocumented immigrants
Kerwin D, Warren RUS Foreign-Born Workers in the Global Pandemic: Essential and Marginalized Journal on Migration and Human Security 2020Research Article COVID-19, essential workersForeign-born immigrants, refugees
Ross J, Diaz CM, and Starrels JLThe Disproportionate Burden of COVID-19 for Immigrants in the Bronx, New YorkJAMA Internal Medicine2020Research Article COVID-19, Bronx (borough-specific)Immigrants in the Bronx
Gore R, Dhar R, Mohaimin S, Lopez PM, Divney AA, Zanowiak JM, Thorpe LE, Islam NChanging Clinic-Community Social Ties in Immigrant-Serving Primary Care Practices in New York City: Social and Organizational Implications of the Affordable Care Act’s Population-Health-Related ProvisionsRussell Sage Foundation Journal of the Social Sciences 2020Research Article Community clinics, Affordable Care ActDocumented/Undocumented immigrants
Saadi A, Molina US, Franco-Vasquez A, et al.Assessment of Perspectives on Health Care System Efforts to Mitigate Perceived Risks Among Immigrants in the United StatesA Qualitative StudyJAMA Network Open – Public Health 2020Research Article Health care systemDocumented/Undocumented immigrants
Vernice NA, Pereira NM, Wang A, Demetres M, Adams LVThe adverse health effects of punitive immigrant policies in the United States: A systematic reviewPLOS One2020Research Article (Systematic Review)Immigration policy, immigration enforcement Documented/Undocumented immigrants
Physicians for Human Rights Health Care Providers: Preserve Access to Care and Protect Your Patients from Border Patrol and ICE InterferencePhysicians for Human Rights 2020Resource Guide Health care providers, immigration enforcement Undocumented immigrants, asylum seekers
Northern Manhattan Coalition for Immigrant RightsResources for the Immigrant Community in NYC during COVID-19Northern Manhattan Coalition for Immigrant Rights2020Resource Guide COVID-19Documented/Undocumented immigrants
Mixteca Organization, Inc.Coronavirus (COVID-19): Guia de Recursos e Informacion para Inmigrantes Hispanohablantes en Nueva YorkMixteca Organization, Inc.2020Resource Guide COVID-19Documented/Undocumented immigrants
Farmworker Health NetworkKey Resources for Migrant HealthFarmworker Health Worker2020Resource Guide Farmworkers, Migrant worker’s rightsImmigrant workers
Bolanos R and Ojeda RHMental Health Resources for Immigrants in New YorkDocumented NY2020Resource Guide Mental Health, service providersDocumented/Undocumented immigrants
Swanson PHealth Care Access for Immigrants in NYC Documented NY 2020Resource Guide Healthcare, service providersImmigrants in NYC
Daley TTrump’s Nativist Rhetoric Scares Immigrants Away from Seeking Medical CareScientific American2019Article (Newspaper)National politics, healthcaseUndocumented immigrants
New York University Protecting Access to Health and Human Services for Immigrant YouthNew York University 2019Article (Newspaper)Social services, youthImmigrant youth
Mullgrav JNYC Care: How Healthcare Nonprofits Can Help Undocumented ImmigrantsCapalino 2019Article (Post)Nonprofits, healthcareUndocumented immigrants
Stoughton S and Hampton KNot in my Exam Room: How U.S. Immigration Enforcement Is Obstructing Medical CarearePhysicians for Human Rights 2019Article (Post)Health care providers, immigration enforcement Undocumented immigrants, asylum seekers
Venton CC, Richardson J, Clarey T, and Jarmaine GInnovative Financing for Responses to Refugee CrisesInternational Rescue Committee2019ReportStrength and capacity building, financingRefugee populations
Chang CCityViews: Citizenship Census Question is an Attack on Immigrant HealthcareCity Limits2018Article (Opinion)Citizenship, healthcareDocumented/Undocumented immigrants
Xu AFrom Preventable Disease to Life-Threaten Condition: Barriers for The NYC Undocumented to Get Access to Health CareUSC Center for Health Journalism 2018Article (Post)Access to HealthcareUndocumented immigrants
Berlinger NImmigrant Health and the Moral Scandal of the “Public Charge” RuleThe Hastings Center 2018EssayPublic charge policy Documented/Undocumented immigrants
NYS Health FoundationConnecting Undocumented New Yorkers to Coverage NYS Health Foundation 2018ReportGrants, Policies Undocumented immigrants
Gany F, Leng J, Ramirez J, Phillips S, Aragones A, Roberts N, Mujawar MI, and Costas-Muñiz RHealth-Related Quality of Life of Food-Insecure Ethnic Minority Patients With CancerAmerican Society of Clinical Oncology Journal 2018Research Article Cancer, food insecurity, quality of life measuresImmigrants in NYC (w/ food insecurity)
Abuelezam nn, El-Sayed AM, and Galea SThe Health of Arab Americans in the United States: An Updated Comprehensive Literature ReviewFrontiers in Public Health 2018Research Article (Literature Review) Physical and mental healthArab-American Immigrants
Hoffman JSick and Afraid, Some Immigrants Forgo Medical CareNew York Times2017Article (Newspaper)Medical SystemDocumented/Undocumented immigrants
NYS Health FoundationSUCCESS IN THE EMPIRE STATE: Health Insurance Coverage TrendsNew York State Health Foundation2017ReportUninsured New Yorks, health insuranceDocumented/Undocumented immigrants
Benjamin ERHow Can New York Provide Health Insurance Coverage to its Uninsured Immigrant Residents?Community Service Society 2016ReportHealth Insurance, health coverage expansionUninsured immigrants
Schiffman RWary of Mainstream Medicine, Immigrants Seek Remedies From HomeNew York Times2015Article (Newspaper)Non-traditional medicineDocumented/Undocumented immigrants
Chaudry A, Fortuny K, Pedroza JImproving Access of Low-Income Immigrant Families to Health and Human ServicesUrban Institute2014Article (Post)Community-based organizations Documented/Undocumented immigrants
Fabi RUndocumented Immigrants in the United States: Access to Prenatal CareThe Hastings Center 2014Article (Post)Preganancy, maternal and child health Undocumented immigrants
Karasz A, Patel V, Ranasinghe S, Chaudhuri K, and McKee DPreventing caries in young children of immigrant Bangladeshi families in New York: Perspectives of mothers and paediatriciansCommunity Dental Health 2014Research Article Dentistry, child health Bangladeshi Immigrants, South Asian population, children
Tavernise SThe Health Toll of ImmigrationNew York Times2013Article (Newspaper)Immigration and healthDocumented/Undocumented immigrants
Barrios-Paoli L (Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Task Force)Improving Immigrant Access to Health Care in NYCMayor’s Task Force on Immigrant Health Care Access2013ReportAccess to Healthcare, RecommendationsImmigrants (NYC)
Muennig P, Wang Y, and Jakubowski AThe Health of Immigrants to New York City From Mainland China: Evidence From the New York Health Examination and Nutrition SurveyJournal of Immigrant and Refugee Studies2012Research Article China, NYC immigrants, nutrition, surveyImmigrants from China
Patel VV, Rajpathak S, and Karasz ABangladeshi Immigrants in New York City: A Community Based Health Needs Assessment of a Hard to Reach PopulationJournal of Immigrant Minority Health2011Research Article Community-Based Needs AssessmentBangladeshi Immigrants, South Asian population
Gany F, Ramirez J, Nierodzick ML, McNish T, Lobach I, and Leng JCancer Portal Project: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Cancer Care Among Hispanic PatientsAmerican Society of Clinical Oncology Journal 2011Research Article Cancer, hospital-based cancer clinicsHispanic immigrants
Gany F, Ramirez J, Chen S, and Leng JCFTargeting social and economic correlates of cancer treatment appointment keeping among immigrant Chinese patientsJournal of Urban Health 2011Research Article Cancer treatment, appointmentsChinese immigrants
NYS Department of Health New Prenatal Care Legislation EnactedNYS Department of Health 2010ReportPreganancy, maternal and child health, legislationDocumented/Undocumented immigrants
New York Academy of Medicine Language as a Barrier to Health Care for New York City: Haitian, Russian and Latino PerspectivesFoundation for Child Development 2010ReportHealthcare access, language barriersHaitian, Russian, and Latino immigrants
Kaushal N, Kaestner RWelfare Reform and Health of Immigrant Women and Their ChildrenFoundation for Child Development 2010ReportMaternal and child healthImmigrant Women and Children
Oyeyemi APerceived health status of Nigerian immigrants in New York CityFizyoterapi Rehabilitasyon2010Research Article Health status, healthcareNigerian immigrants
Hernandez DJ and Denton NAA Profile of America’s Future: Young Children in Immigrant Families in New York CityFoundation for Child Development 2010Resource Guide Children’s healthImmigrant Children and Families
Gany FM, Shah SM, Changrani JReducing Cancer Health Disparities: NYC’s Immigrant Minorities American Cancer Society Journal 2006Research Article Cancer disparitiesImmigrants in NYC
Garbers S and Chiasson MAInadequate Functional Health Literacy in Spanish as a Barrier to Cervical Cancer Screening Among Immigrant Latinas in New York CityPreventing Chronic Disease2004Research Article Health Literacy, cancer research, screeningsLatinx immigrants
Wang, ZiAddressing migrants’ well-being during COVID-19: An analysis of Chinese communities’ heritage language schools in Germany.Migration Studies2020Research ArticleBig Cities, COVID-19Chinese immigrants
Behbahani S, Smith CA, Carvalho M, Warren CJ, Gregory M, Silva NA Vulnerable immigrant populations in the New York metropolitan area and COVID-19: lessons learned in the epicenter of the crisis.Academic Medicine2020Research ArticleBig Cities, COVID-19Latinx immigrants
Gautier L, Poveda JD, Wakap SN, Bouchon M,
Quesnel-Vallée A
Adapting care provision and advocating for unprotected unaccompanied minors in Paris in the context of COVID-19.Global Health Promotion2021Research ArticleBig Cities, COVID-19Unaccompanied minors
Mattar S, Piwowarczyk LACOVID-19 and US-based refugee populations: Commentary.Psychological Trauma: Theory, Research, Practice, and Policy2020Research ArticleBig Cities, COVID-19Refugees
Shah MK, Gibbs AC, Ali Mohammed K, Narayan MV, Islam NOvercoming the Digital Divide in the Post–COVID-19 “Reset”: Enhancing Group Virtual Visits with Community Health Workers.Journal of Medical Internet Research2021Research ArticleBig Cities, COVID-19South Asian immigrants
Bentivegna E, Di Meo S, Carriero A, Capriotti N, Barbieri A, Martelletti PAccess to COVID-19 Vaccination during the Pandemic in the Informal Settlements of Rome.Journal of Environmental Resaerach and Public Health2022Research ArticleBig Cities, COVID-19Migrants and refugees in informal settlements
Briozzo E, Ornelas J, Vargas-Moniz MJThe asylum system and the COVID-19 pandemic in the city of Lisbon: Existing disparities, structural problems and new insights.Community Psychology in Global Perspective2021Research ArticleBig Cities, COVID-19Asylum seekers
Sapra I, Nayak BPThe protracted exodus of migrants from Hyderabad in the time of COVID-19.Journal of Social and Economic Impact2021Research ArticleBig Cities, COVID-19Immigrants
Chander R, Murugesan M, Ritish D, Damodharan D, Arunachalam V, Parthasarathy R, Raj A, Sharma MK, Manjunatha N, Math SB, Kumar CNAddressing the mental health concerns of migrant workers during the COVID-19 pandemic: An experiential account.International Journal of Social Psychiatry2020Research ArticleBig Cities, COVID-19Migrant workers
Gurung TW, Amburgey E, Craig SRUnsettling the American Dream: Mobility, Migration and Precarity among Translocal Himalayan Communities during COVID-19.Development and Change2021Research ArticleBig Cities, COVID-19Himalayan immigrants
Galletly CL, Lechuga J, Dickson-Gomez JB, Glasman LR, McAuliffe TL, Espinoza-Madrigal IAssessment of COVID-19–Related Immigration Concerns Among Latinx Immigrants in the US.JAMA Open Network2021Research ArticleBig Cities, COVID-19Latinx immigrants
Lusambili AM, Martini M, Abdirahman F, Asante A, Ochieng S, Guni JN, Maina R, Luchters S“We have a lot of home deliveries” A qualitative study on the impact of COVID-19 on access to and utilization of reproductive, maternal, newborn and child health care among refugee women in urban Eastleigh, Kenya.Journal of Migrant and Health2020Research ArticleBig Cities, COVID-19Female refugees
Metawala P, Golda-Pongratz K, Irazábal CRevisiting Engels’‘housing question’: Work and housing conditions of immigrant platform delivery riders in Barcelona.Human Geography2021Research ArticleBig Cities, COVID-19Migrant workers
Lam E, Shih E, Chin K, Zen KThe Double-Edged Sword of Health and Safety: COVID-19 and the Policing and Exclusion of Migrant Asian Massage Workers in North America.Social Sciences2021Research ArticleBig Cities, COVID-19Asian migrant workers
Tosh SR, Berg UD, León KSMigrant Detention and COVID-19: Pandemic Responses in Four New Jersey DetentionJournal on Migration and Human Security2021Research ArticleBig Cities, COVID-19Undocumented migrants, detained migrants
Elçi E, Kirisçioglu E, Üstübici AHow COVID‐19 financially hit urban refugees: evidence from mixed‐method research with citizens and Syrian refugees in Turkey.Disasters2021Research ArticleBig Cities, COVID-19Syrian refugees
Moya EM, Zamore C, Perez LM, Tellez K, Avila A, Aragones ACOVID-19 Imperils Access to Health and Human Services in El Paso, Texas and New York City: Perspectives from Hispanic Parents.Jounral of Racial and Ethnic Helath Disparities2021Research ArticleBig Cities, COVID-19Mexican immigrants
Søegaard EGI, Kan ZCOVID-19 infections in the districts of Oslo.Journal of the Norwegian Medical Association2021Research ArticleBig Cities, COVID-19Immigrants
Da Mosto D, Bodini C, Mammana L, Gherardi G, Quargnolo M, Fantini MPHealth equity during COVID-19: A qualitative study on the consequences of the syndemic on refugees’ and asylum seekers’ health in reception centres in Bologna (Italy).Journal of Migration and Health2021Research ArticleBig Cities, COVID-19Refugees, Asylum seekers
Page KR, Flores-Miller ALessons We’ve Learned—Covid-19 and the undocumented Latinx community.New England Journal of Medicine2021Research ArticleBig Cities, COVID-19Undocumented Latinx immigrants
Gautham I, Albert S, Koroma A, Banu SImpact of COVID-19 on an Urban Refugee Population.Health Equity2021Research ArticleBig Cities, COVID-19Refugees
Sohel MS, Hossain B, Sarker MNI, Horaira GA, Sifullah MK, Rahman MAImpacts of COVID‐19 induced food insecurity among informal migrants: Insight from Dhaka, Bangladesh.Journal of Public Affairs2021Research ArticleBig Cities, COVID-19Informal migrant workers
Yi H, Ng ST, Farwin A, Low PT, Pei Ting Low A, Chang CM, Lim JHealth equity considerations in COVID-19: geospatial network analysis of the COVID-19 outbreak in the migrant population in Singapore.Journal of Travel Medicine2021Research ArticleBig Cities, COVID-19Immigrants
Zheng K, Ortner P, Lim YW, Zhi TJVentilation in worker dormitories and its impact on the spread of respiratory droplets.Sustainable Cities and Society2021Research ArticleBig Cities, COVID-19Migrant workers
Navami TSLiving on the Edge: Interrogating Migrant Labourer Lives of Bengaluru/Bangalore.Rupkatha Journal on Interdisciplinary Studies in Humanities2020Research ArticleBig Cities, COVID-19Migrant workers

The Migrant Health Resource Library is an on-going effort by the Center for Immigrant, Refugee, and Global Health to provide a systematized database of curated, migration-specific research articles and resources. As an academic center, we frequently conduct our own environmental, literature, and systematic reviews. In doing so, we aim to identify and collate new and emerging evidence on immigrant and refugee health from the field. 

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