Children Protection & Health Resources

The CIRGH-HEARD Partnership places a strong emphasis on moving from data to action using the Implementation Science Approach. Please refer to the following Together for Girls’ resources for additional information on what this process looks like for post-Violence Against Children Survey (VACS) countries:

Additional resources can be found on the Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children Knowledge Platform. The Violence against Children Survey (VACS) resources can be viewed in the The Together for Girls’ Resource Bank. The complete list of VACS Study Reports is available for download here.

Project Reports

The Power of Data to Action

Country experiences and lessons following Violence Against Children and Youth Surveys (VACS)

This report and its companion summary provide the first comprehensive review of country experiences in transforming VACS results into concrete sex- and age-specific improvements for children and young people. Referred to as post-VACS efforts, these include actions taken to understand, implement and integrate VACS results into policies and/or programs aimed at preventing or ending violence against children. The analysis synthesizes the views of 225 stakeholders across 20 countries.