Coverage4All Added to NYS Assembly and Senate Budgets for 2022

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Image Credit: New York Immigration Coalition

On March 13th, 2022, lawmakers in the New York State Senate and Assembly made substanial progress in the push to expand health care coverage to all New Yorkers, including low-income immigrants whose status “renders him or her ineligible for federal financial participation and who meet additional requirement,” according to the State Assembly Bill. Both legislative bodies voted to include Coverage for All in their 2022 budgets, expanding coverage to low-income and undocumented New York migrants. View the Bill Summaries here: A00880/S01572.


Amanda Dunker, Director of Health Policy at the Community Service Society of New York and contributor to Health Care for All New York, provides additional details on the Budget Bills:

The budget bills include other important coverage expansions for New Yorkers, including equalizing Medicaid eligibility for people over 65 and with disabilities... The Assembly and the Executive Budget also both eliminate premiums for some children enrolled in the Children’s Health Insurance Program and expand their benefits... Importantly, the Assembly and the Senate proposals would repeal the Medicaid global cap. The cap triggers automatic cuts after the program hits a certain spending level, meaning that the program gets hits with cuts when and where it is most needed.

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