The CIRGH actively fosters the strategic partnership development required to advance existing collaborations and developing new relationships focused on immigrant, refugee and global health.

CUNY Partners

CUNY Graduate Center social science faculty with expertise in immigration, urbanization and urban governance, globalization, area studies and human rights

CUNY Law School faculty in the Sorensen Center for International Peace and Justice

Faculty from CUNY SPH with expertise in urban health, environmental and occupational health; global health, control of infectious and non-communicable diseases, health communications, maternal and child health, and life course epidemiology

Additional CUNY-wide faculty with research interests in, sociology, history, geography and demographics, language and political science

US-based Implementing Partners

The Departments of Health of NYC and additional municipalities

International and domestic project management and policy/advocacy organizations including the University Research Co., LLC (URC)

The Arab Community Center for Economic and Social Services and other immigrant and refugee serving organizations (IR-CSOs)

Foundation and International Organization Partners

Collaborating University and Research Centers

Collaboratives & Projects